What does tuition involve?

  • Lessons are an hour in length.
  • Lessons are on a 1:1 basis, because every student has their own individual needs.
  • A programme of work is designed to suit each individual dependent on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. All students are assessed either formally or informally by us before a programme of work can be drawn up.
  • The student follows a highly structured, multi-sensory programme based on small steps to ensure success.
  • Each individual lesson is planned in detail and progress is regularly monitored.
  • All materials are provided within the lesson cost, although we may recommend specialist dictionaries or equipment to use at home or at school.
  • Also included within the lesson is a reward system designed to motivate and build confidence.
  • Parents are invited annually to join part of their children’s lessons to look at work and to discuss progress.
  • Once per year, usually in the summer term, we assess all students and provide a review report. This is useful for students, parents and schools to see the progress made.

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